CHAPEL SOUND PRESENTS has been our core program consistently since October 2016, when we officially became a registered not-for-profit. We chose to incorporate upon recognizing a need for marginalized artists and cultural producers in multidisciplinary arts & music in the field of production, curation and performance to have a platform to showcase their work, and to create programming for their own communities of belonging. We additionally acknowledged the importance of these platforms to centre leadership of marginalized cultural producers and curators. 

Each year, we produce up to three multi-day events featuring presentation, performance and educational opportunities. All public events are promoted through our diverse network of partners and communities, through email invitations, social media, traditional media and personal outreach.

Through seven years of operation, CHAPEL SOUND PRESENTS programming and activities have paid more than 250 artists & cultural producers over $150k in artist and cultural production fees, solidifying our place in the BC cultural scene as a key player in creating a truly rich, inclusive and diverse ecosystem for the advancement of artistic performance, presentation and practice. As an organization, we have supported this programming with extensive contributions of time from our core team members. In order to ensure the sustainability of and fully support the continuation of this programming, we’re striving to more suitably compensate them for their essential contribution.  



    A key part of the work of Chapel Sound Art Foundation is in engaging and supporting mentorship practice, especially in the category of curation. We have engaged in a cultural production mentorship program for the past five years, offering aspiring and emerging curators and cultural producers an opportunity to select and present artists and art projects with ongoing one on one support with experienced mentors to advance their cultural production skill set. 

    We support our cultural production mentees from concept to production, offering them hands-on guidance in artist selection, contract and agreement creation, venue selection and preparedness, production support, production team building, marketing and public relations, as well as front and back of house management, as needed for their vision and skill level. Mentorships focus on the needs and vision of each mentee. 

    This program spans varying levels of familiarity and experience in cultural curation, from small intimate shows produced in house, to larger performances, to named collaborations and partnerships. Many of our mentees have gone on to curate segments of our CHAPEL SOUND PRESENTS programming, offering us an opportunity to support them in career development, as well as to train our collaborators of the future. This program additionally provides an incubator, allowing us to identify and develop fresh vision and talent to support all of our programming. 

    Through this program we have supported the presentation of more than 100 events spanning from music, dance, film, visual art, media art, drag to virtual reality. Recently these presentations included events hosted with Fakeknot, Barangay Project, Acceleration Radio, Fountains, MadeByWe, CURRENT, Normie Corp, INTER/MEDIATE, Chinatown Movie Night, just to name a few.