"Having begun as a search for the texture and feel of Vancouver’s underground, Chapel Sound has in sense become its incubator" 


 Chapel Sound began in founding member Seah Oh’s living room with two turntables and a lava lamp. The collective’s origins date back to 2012, when a group of artists began broadcasting a weekly Boiler Room-style live stream that featured different “bedroom” producers and DJs. Today, Chapel’s members span the country from Vancouver to Montreal, and their work reverberates globally. Throughout its four year evolution, the consortium of DJs, producers, visual artists and event producers has grown in number and in recognition, but nonetheless maintain their focus on nurturing the local community. Having begun as a search for the texture and feel of Vancouver’s underground, Chapel Sound has in sense become its incubator. 

The group’s mandate is to push creative expression forward without boundaries or prejudice. Bringing people together through events, collaborations and cross-pollination with other local crews has played an important role for Chapel in realizing this ambition. Since graduating from the living room, the collective has hosted electronic music shows at the likes of Fortune Sound Club, MIA and the Biltmore, as well as DIY events in underground venues including The Loft, Vancouver Art and Leisure and Red Gate Arts Society, which was home to Chapel’s 3 year anniversary party. 

As the crew continues to grow and evolve, the welcoming aura and flare for experimentation that characterized their early lava lamp broadcasts continues to permeate their events and projects. The shared philosophy of openness and inclusion is among the main drivers of their continued expansion. This year, two Chapel Sound members - Ekali and Jade Statues - were accepted to the global Red Bull Music Academy, while Kline and Eli Muro were accepted to the RBMA Bass Camp in Montreal. At home, the Chapel crew stays busy nurturing the arts community as well as engaging with emerging producers and beatmakers through their Beat Critique events. This Spring, the collective will break new ground yet again with their largest function to date: the inaugural Chapel Sound Festival - a three day event dedicated to Vancouver’s underground art and music.


written by Nigel Mojica